written by someone else..


Recorded by Whiplashe and Mudcatt

July 11th, 2003

Recorded at the Suede Interactive Recording Complex on

using the SUEDEvision digital process. SM



whip: Acoustic guitar, B4 organ, Strings, Bass, Piano, A2 Synth, Drum Programming

"Mudcatt": Elec Stand Up Slide(the first session on the Melobar Mosrite used on by the Jefferson Airplane.


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My Boy

So much more then just a son

You are My Joy

The very thing that gives me meaning

You made my life so special

You’re My Boy


And from the very day

that you were born


thank god above

For all --------------

And have yet to go



My Boy

Thanks for each and every treasure that you gave

Every smile and every teardrop

every special moment

that I save

I tell you hear and now

for all to see


how glad

that you came

into my life

and how proud you’ve made me


My boy

So much more then just a son

You are my joy